About us

About us
We are constantly growing financial services firm in Cyprus

Ricof is a truly international professional services provider headquartered in Larnaca, Cyprus. Ricof, duly incorporated under the laws of Cyprus, with registration number 346879. Our professionals are committed to their role as strategic consultants, both commercially and legally. In a global, ever-challenging financial environment, Ricof has demonstrated its efficient investment approach.

By combining our extensive knowledge and strict adherence to the relevant laws and regulations, Ricof is developing as a successful investment company worldwide.

Ricof is a general financial partner of the leading Russian private leasing company Business-Alliance.

After conducting risk/return analysis, loans to Business-Alliance are considered of minimal risk, mostly for the reason of Business-Alliance portfolio strategy, excellent credit history,  absence of overdue debts on the portfolio of current clients.

Some insights on Business-Alliance commercial focus, where financial support of Ricof may be required:

During the period of a general decline in Russian corporate leasing in 2020, BUSINESS ALLIANCE JSC chose a strategy to increase the leasing portfolio in the housing and communal services sector, namely the transportation of household waste and participation in the National Ecology Project, aimed at improving the environmental situation, including separate waste collection, transportation and further processing of municipal solid waste. This responsible investment in programs for the transition from the accumulative model of waste management to the recycling one will be a priority for BUSINESS ALLIANCE JSC in 2021-2025.

Currently, several projects have been implemented for the purchase of special equipment for the transport of solid waste and landfill reclamation. This reform is designed for many years and the demand for leasing will remain at a high level in the future. As of December 31, 2021, potential Lessees submitted proposals for the purchase of special equipment in the amount of more than 12 billion rubles.

With a positive decision of the Russian banks and Ricof to open financing for these projects for the purchase of special equipment, the equipment will be purchased and leased, along with this, the leasing portfolio and the volume of services will grow, and, accordingly, the amount of required financing will continue to rise.

The leasing portfolio as of December 31, 2021 increased by RUB 2,6 bln.rub compared to data as of December 31, 2020

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