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An international provider of professional services, offering a wide range of solutions and assistance to corporations and business people. Ricof is a truly international professional services provider headquartered in Larnaca, Cyprus.  Our professionals are committed to their role as strategic consultants, both commercially and legally. In a global, ever-challenging financial environment, Ricof has demonstrated its efficient investment approach.

We are aiming to support ESG principles on international level.
Our current strategy is to provide funds to fast-growing Russian Ecology reform with our general partner Leasing company Business-Alliance.

During the period of a general decline in Russian corporate leasing in 2020, BUSINESS ALLIANCE JSC chose a strategy to increase the leasing portfolio in the housing and communal services sector, namely the transportation of household waste and participation in the National Ecology Project, aimed at improving the environmental situation, including separate waste collection, transportation and further processing of municipal solid waste. This responsible investment in programs for the transition from the accumulative model of waste management to the recycling one will be a priority for BUSINESS ALLIANCE JSC in 2021-2025.

Why Cyprus

Cyprus benefits greatly from its strategic geographic position in the Eastern Mediterranean as it sits at the crossroads of three continental zones, serving as a vital gateway to Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. As a member of the EU and an ever-evolving international financial center, Cyprus has developed into a key business hub, attracting countless businesses, maintaining important partnerships and having unlimited untapped investment opportunities.


Customized services tailored to your needs

Strategy planning and organization

Our strategy planning and organization services comprise of advisory services on strategy and operational effectiveness, process improvement, cost reduction, people and change and sustainability...

Advising on effective remuneration and dividend...

Advising on effective remuneration and dividend strategies and assisting in their implementation

Business & Financial Consulting

Ricof has a deep understanding of how to deal with the various high-level structures that underlie borrowing and lending operations, as well as their legal and tax base, making our Business and...

Management Advisory

Top management who are constantly striving to achieve a competitive advantage for their organizations must understand which global models are most relevant to their industry, how and when they...

Risk Management

Our Risk Management Consulting (RMC) offers internal audit services, internal oversees optimization, corporate governance and reporting, and guarantees and consulting services

Planning & structuring for sale or merger

With our strategic sourcing experience, strong procurement consulting capabilities, we can quickly and accurately help identify the potential savings from procurement and validate the M&A business...

Feasibility studies including cash flow reports

A project feasibility study is a report that investigates the viability of a project. It seeks to provide its stakeholders with an analysis that results in a go/no-go decision.

Financial Modelling

Financial modeling refers to the process through which a Ricof consultants build up a financial representation of some, or even all aspects of the company or the given security. The financial model...

Enhances your credibility with lenders and investors

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Financial Management

Provides key financial management expertise which results in improved business decision making

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28 Aug 2021

Fitch warns of Cyprus banks risk

Fitch said the small Cypriot economy and the private sector have a lot of leverage (private debt was 210% of GDP end...

19 Mar 2021

Good news from Rating agency, that Cyprus ‘will recover in 2H2021’

The Cyprus economy will recover in the second half of 2021 and the economic and fiscal disruption caused by the...

01 Nov 2020

Capital Intelligence affirms Hellenic Bank’s ratings

International credit rating agency Capital Intelligence has affirmed the long term and short-term ratings of Hellenic...

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